I want to start off by saying whoever thought this trade was "TRAPE" and made claims for me to be "THAT CAPTAIN" should
maybe wait at least until a series is played to make any predictions and shit talk. I strengthen up my fwd like X1000
And now have the best d man combo in the league. All who keep sending me offer's for any one of my d-man kindly stop,
there not on the market.
This match up contained the undefeated in regulation Gratuitous Amounts of Attitude and well Relax N Take Notes.
Game 1
RTN came out strong in the first few minutes of the period with a strong cycle in GAE's zone with Taz able to net a
early rap around goal to make it a 1-0 lead after the first. The game was a hard fought battle from end to end.
Leftyclayton123 defiantly stepped up his game with actually having 2 d-men in front of him. (sorry selig) after 2
periods of play RTN were up 2-1. GAE came out strong in the 3rd netting a early goal to tie the game at 2.
Taz attempting his 2nd rap goal of the night but lw wade was able to get his stick on it before it crossed the line
to take a 3-2 lead. GAE were not happy and not giving up as they come right back and score another making it 3-3.
In the last approx 3 mins of the game  Shadow Demon would be able to put one past soup taking the first game and first
victory with the new team.
RTN wins game 1, 4-3

Game 2
This game was much different from the first with RTN coming out dominating the game right from the first puck drop
taking a early 2-0 lead. GAE were able to squeeze 1 by lefty and make it 2-1 after the 1ft period. RTN come out strong
the 2nd lighting the lamp 3 more times while lefty, ICT and Juiced held down the defensive zone leaving it 5-1 after
2 periods of play. RTN come out in the 3rd putting 2 more goals up making it 7-1. late in the 3rd GAE step up there
game netting 2 quick goals but before they knew it the buzzer went and the game ended 7-3 final.

Game 3
Well the pow-wow in GAE locker room after games 1 and 2 sent GAE guys out hot headed looking for a win to prevent
a series sweep by RTN. This game started out fast with GAE taking the first period 1-0. GAE stepped up their game
in the defensive zone as RTN did spend a little more TOA but only managed 8 shots the whole game. Not much action in
the 2nd period as both teams held it down pretty well in there own zone.
GAE came out strong in the third looking to get some insurance to secure a game 3 win. They were all over RTN netting 3
more to make it 4-0 late in the 3rd. In the last few minutes of the game lw wade takes it upon himself to take it from half way
dangle past GAE's roster and ruin superstar's dream of a shutout, ending the game 4-1 GAE.
Great series guys! Good luck the rest of the way!
Series notes!
Wade nets his first hatty of the season.
Lefty earns first star in my books, stepping up his game< from RTN's last series they got swept.
ICT and Juiced (best dman combo there is) shut down and played some top notch d vs some of the leagues top forwards.
good job guys!
Side Notes!
Thanks for the trade Legion it made my team actually fun to play with, how did you do, after the new look?
Rumor has it goofy may step in and play for wade if he cant make it? well your all sick in the head, because if you
think im going to ruin my chances of winning the MHL cup by having a suspended player, play on a friends account not a
fucking chance in hell.
Meanwhile Goofy has helped me a lot of deciding who to stay away from and who to consider when i was receiving many
counter offers for cousi. goofy i don't care what the rest think of you, your a good fucking guy to have around bro.
Goofy and I like to think of our self as Ron Wilson (ME) and Brian Burke (Goofy). Goofy was able to tune in to last
nights series as oktizzy had the series streaming live, and after the performance he say's he thinks we got what it
takes to be a top mhl team. Heres Goofy after last nights series ( he cant play so hes having fun in our party)


31 Responses to “All who Claimed Trape/That Captain Relax N Take Notes”

  1. I6I TAZ I6I says:

    wtf why it look like this lol?

  2. sainiz pwn says:


  3. I6I TAZ I6I says:

    i didnt do anything different from any other write up i ahve done.

  4. Fallin Warrior says:


  5. jasonblaze065 says:

    i thoguht goofy was told to stay away for the season why a mec member doign stunts like this

  6. buddyh9 says:

    taz isnt MEC anymore dipshit

  7. I6I TAZ I6I says:

    stunts? having goofy in my party and having him as my go to guy… that’s pulling stunts? rofl

  8. I6I TAZ I6I says:

    FYI buddy i never quit being on the MEC

  9. yambag021 says:

    no idea why its like this.
    and goofy can be in taz’s party and give taz advice on player moves.

    i mean, goofy was such a successful captain and all, with his 0 playoff appearances
    bait :-)—–^

  10. I6I TAZ I6I says:

    I call the shots he just gives me good insight on players i don’t know. Took some big steps from RTN’s first series.

  11. flexiblepancake says:

    Fuckin Goofy. . .

  12. wade1589 says:

    Goofy made the playoffs in Season 10 with FBI. I helped him in the last series to make the playoffs, might i remind you lol. We took out the timeless’ team that season in the first round. Goofy knows a lot of players in the leauge and his input is always helpful.

    Hey Jason, I think you should have all ur facts straight, after all u do host the radio show :P If what Goofy is doing is wrong, im sure TAZ wouldn’t allow this to happen and he definitely wouldn’t have Goofy on the front of this article.

  13. dmart15 says:

    IBJ is the MHL!

  14. sainiz pwn says:

    fk that go bayside tigers

  15. jzamorski113 says:

    I’d like to thank you again for being persistent in scoring when Frosty and I were frozen in the corner in Game 2. That was the goal that made it 2-1. Wasn’t sure if you wanted to add that to the writeup or not to show how classy you guys are. Led by goofy and taz, I guess thats expected, forget I said anything :p

  16. sainiz pwn says:

    damn yo this is some beef stankin yny shizzle

  17. jzamorski113 says:

    Nah just casting my lines :)

  18. roccom33 says:

    If you’re trying to emulate Ron Wilson and Brian Burke… well lets just say you got problems lol

  19. xilfxlegion1 says:

    they see me trapin’, they hatin’

    your team looks about 1 win better than mine.

    by the way — i wouldnt brag about goofyj being your brain-trust

    that’s like me saying that tipp city dude is my singing coach.

  20. that didnt sound like bait JZ … sounds like u seriously are raging :)

  21. cousi says:

    Dont you think you should play more than 1 series before tooting your own htoorn as much as you have in this write up? 17gaa vs SBC doesn’t really scream best d paring in the league IMO. Way to set an example as an mec member as well by letting a banned player who should be partaking in zero moose related things help run your team….

  22. yambag021 says:

    cousi, they are being mentored by goofy, who after beating my team two seasons ago a week in was later proclaming “we’re the second best team in the mhl”, only to miss the playoffs i believe lol.

  23. actually goofy did make the playoffs season 10 (yamfail) …

    remember they snuck in over the pedif isles after scoring 2 goals in the final 48 seconds of a game or some shit? Cam was heroic.

    that doesnt change the fact that Taz has been in complete rage since the season started and im not exactly sure why… i blame alljuicedup… he can make any captain emo :)

  24. Johnnyy Blaze says:


  25. AllJuicedUp2451 says:

    Damn cous, why you gotta throw me under the bus like that?

  26. GIANT918 says:

    taz pwned.

  27. yambag021 says:

    goofy did make the playoffs?

    all i remember that season was him joining parties going on about “being the second best team in the mhl”, then….silence lol.

  28. sainiz pwn says:

    fk it i blame farrer

  29. IrFannyPack says:

    <3 goofy, and im pretty sure hes allowed to give input on people about a video game..

  30. johhnny blaze u mad fucking funny lolol

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