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Get off my Backes take two from IMC

Aaaaand it’s that time again! GOW write-up ahoy! The Matchup: FAGs v. Don’t Towes Me Bro The Result: “Bing Bang Bong!” (Note: must be read in Gary Thorne’s voice). Game 1: Game one started quickly, and the FAGs got the…Read more

Get Off My Backes is all Guts and Glory

Thursday Nov.13, Get off my Backes matched up against No Guts, No Glory. With the end of the season nearing, this series would be big for both team’s, as they are fighting for the last playoff spot. This would be…Read more

Welcome to another GOW write-up! Thanks for viewing. Tonight we have a tale of bitter rivalry, revenge, frustration, and the final thrust of victory. All that, and a write-up too.   As has become FAG custom, we had an awkward…Read more

This would be a huge series for both teams. Vin Gizzles and company would look for some revenge after getting swept the last time these two teams met, and IMC would be playing for another write up. Both teams had…Read more

Everyone come sit in a circle and hold hands, because storytime! Tonight, we will be featuring GOW write-up number 3, this time about the games between the FAGs and Get Off My Backes. So without further ado…. here we go!…Read more

Tonight’s match up would be between Fallen and sbdr. Both teams are towards the top of the standings, so this would be a crucial series for both sides. Just a heads up, I’m doing this write up about a week…Read more